Xuancheng Third Construction Party Branch Held a Thematic Organization and Living Meeting
According to the educational arrangement of Chengjiang Party Working Committee's theme of “Don't forget your original intention and remember your mission”, the Party branch of the group held “Do n’t forget your original intention and remember your mission” on December 10 .
2019.11.20 · Our company organized a training meeting on production safety2019.11.20
2019.10.25 · Xuancheng Third Party Branch "Visit Red Education Base" theme party .. 2019.10.25
2019.09.29 Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China
2019.09.03 · Xuancheng Third Construction Co., Ltd. Party members, employees and the affected people go through the storms 2019.09.03
Xuancheng Sanjian Construction Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Xuancheng Third Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.) was established in 1972, and was restructured into a limited liability company in 2000. The legal representative is Liang Jiahong. Enterprise qualifications: first-level general contracting for construction engineering, second-level general contracting for building decoration and decoration engineering, second-level general contracting for construction of municipal public works, third-level general contracting for water conservancy and hydropower engineering, third-level contracting for steel structure engineering, and third-level environmental protection project Level, construction labor, etc. The registered capital of the company is 10.5 million yuan, and the fixed assets amount to more than 100 million yuan. There are currently 2368 skilled workers and 315 professional and technical management personnel, of which: 12 holding high and intermediate titles ... [More >>]
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