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Earnestly Study and Implement the Important Strategic Thoughts of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Ecological Civilization Construction
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Li Jinbin stressed at the seminar on promoting the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Earnestly Study and Implement the Important Strategic Thought of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Ecological Civilization Construction

Deeply promote the Wanjiang ecological and environmental protection special focus to create a green development area

From April 16th to 17th, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Li Jinbin made a brief visit to the Anhui section of the Yangtze River, supervised the special rectification of outstanding environmental pollution on the spot, and hosted a seminar to promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in Wuhu City. He emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the important strategic thoughts of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of ecological civilization, to be guided by the joint efforts to protect and not develop, and to lead by ecological priority and green development. The leading area for green development in the river basin. Provincial leaders Tao Minglun, He Shushan and Li Jianzhong participated in the supervision or attended the meeting.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee has always been concerned about the special rectification and improvement exhibition of the outstanding environmental pollution problem of the Yangtze River in Anhui. On the morning of the 16th, Li Jinbin went straight to the Qianjiang Industrial Park in Chizhou for a secret visit without stepping on or greeting him. When seeing that the industrial solid wastes piled up in Haiyi Logistics Park, Xinmao Mining, Hengxin Material Company and other places have been centrally disposed of, and the hidden dangers have been eliminated initially, Li Jinbin emphasized that he must adhere to the principle of “one by one, and address both the symptoms and the symptoms,” and resolutely make a complete change. Along the way, Li Jinbin temporarily stopped several times, descended the steep slope, and reached the water's edge, inspected the Guanhua Gold Company's sewage treatment plant, and the water outlet of Baosai Lake, and asked the accompanying staff to test the pH value on site and take it back for testing. When he came to the vicinity of Pier 507, Li Jinbin went straight to the bank of the Yangtze River and found some suspected solid wastes exposed. He immediately pointed out that we must adhere to the problem-oriented approach and conduct thorough investigations and thorough treatment.

At noon, Li Jinbin came to Tongling Sinopec's oil depot and asked about the plan and layout of the terminal, and talked about the rectification work. He said that the ecological environment of the Yangtze River can only be optimized and not deteriorated. Ecological environmental protection work can only be strengthened and cannot be weakened. It must be deepened and implemented as a major political task. Then Li Jinbin went to Qunli Port Terminal and the east side of the terminal to check the environmental protection and solid waste treatment of the terminal. He pointed out that the Yangtze River coastline is a precious and non-renewable resource. We must cherish it carefully and take care of it to protect the Yangtze River coastline, especially resources within 1 kilometer. Entering Tongguan Shenhong, Lekaite Technology and other enterprises, Li Jinbin had a real-time understanding of the hazardous waste and industrial wastewater treatment, and asked to increase investment in environmental protection and adopt advanced technologies to further improve the effectiveness of pollution prevention.

In the evening, Li Jinbin stepped on the mud and gravel and walked to a hidden solid waste storage site found in Tuanzhou Village, Sanshan District, Wuhu City. He pointed out that it is necessary to combine the full implementation of the river (lake) system and the forest system to establish and improve a long-term mechanism for joint prevention and control to ensure that responsibilities are compacted to the posts and transmitted to people. Fangcun Industrial Concentration Zone in Jinghu District was recently supervised by the Provincial Environmental Protection Agency. On the morning of the 17th, Li Jinbin came here to randomly check some enterprises, drainage ditches and surrounding rivers, and requested "addition" in reform, innovation and development of new kinetic energy, and "subtraction" in eliminating backward excess capacity to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the park. Subsequently, he randomly came to the construction site of Yaojing Road in Jinghu District and Longhui Recycling Resources Company to understand the status of construction waste disposal and waste acquisition and processing. He emphasized that the combination of problem rectification and source prevention and control must be resolved to eliminate all types of hidden dangers of pollution.

After listening to the report on environmental governance and green development in the five cities along the river, Li Jinbin pointed out that it is necessary to unswervingly establish the concept and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of implementing the important strategic thoughts of General Secretary Xi Jinping's ecological civilization construction. To pay attention to ecology, we must give priority to the implementation of major ecological restoration projects, and treat the ecological environment like life. To pay attention to development must be green, actively implement the new development concept, and unswervingly follow the path of green and low-carbon development. To focus on governance, it must be integrated, systematically promote ecological restoration and environmental governance, and continuously improve the quality and stability of the ecosystem. To pay attention to the system must be perfect, establish a "black list" system of environmental pollution, improve environmental credit evaluation, mandatory disclosure of information, severe penalties and other systems to provide a strong guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization.

Li Jinbin emphasized that it is necessary to unswervingly focus on comprehensive management and earnestly enhance the systemic and integrated nature of the ecological protection of the Wanjiang River. At present and in the future, the ecological protection and environmental management of the Wanjiang River, including the Huaihe River and Xin'an River, must adhere to ecological priority and green development, and find out the breakthroughs and specific grasps for joint efforts to protect and not engage in large-scale development. Systematic and holistic, build the three major red lines of ecological function guarantee baseline, environmental quality and safety bottom line, and use of natural resources, establish and improve the coordinated protection mechanism of ecological environment, weave the ecological prevention and control network closely, and strive to create an Anhui model of ecological civilization . First, we must further advance the special treatment of solid wastes and hazardous wastes, adhere to source control, check transportation, block grounds, award reports, severe crackdowns, and heavy accountability, and prevent the illegal transfer and dumping of solid wastes and hazardous wastes from happening again. Second, we must further advance the special task of sewage treatment, highlight industrial sewage, domestic sewage, and ship sewage treatment, make great efforts, make great efforts, and resolutely achieve cleanliness and cleanliness. Third, we must further advance the special focus on protection of water source areas, plan the designation of drinking water source protection zones, rectify prominent environmental problems in accordance with the law, and ensure the safety of drinking water from the source to the faucet. Fourth, we must further advance the special focus of agricultural and rural pollution control, solidly carry out the "three revolutions" in rural areas, vigorously promote the centralization of waste disposal sites, standardize sewage treatment, and modernize the agricultural industry, and ensure that the rural living environment is significantly improved. Fifth, it is necessary to further advance the special protection of shoreline resources, make concerted efforts in planning, grasping integration, cracking down on illegality, and focusing on supervision, and give full play to the social, economic, and ecological benefits of the shoreline.

Li Jinbin pointed out that we must unswervingly focus on green development and earnestly enhance the support and endurance of high-quality development in the Wanjiang region. It is necessary to strengthen the drive for innovation, focusing on the "four one" innovation main platform, "one room, one center", and "three layers and one innovation" as the starting point, focusing on innovation and development, focusing on transformation and upgrading, and gathering God's industries to accelerate the construction of green innovation. System and green industry system. It is necessary to strengthen infrastructure construction, do a good job in channel management, port integration, interconnection, and speed up the construction of comprehensive three-dimensional traffic corridors. It is necessary to strengthen overall development, further promote regional linkages, industrial synergy, new urbanization, and rural revitalization, and ensure coordinated development in all areas. It is necessary to strengthen opening to the outside world, participate in the "big strategy" in depth, accelerate the expansion of the "big platform", fully optimize the "big environment", build a unified "big market", improve the "big mechanism" of cooperation, and form a new level of reform and opening up.

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