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Speed up the improvement of project quality and safety management in our province
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The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development that this year, our province will focus on improving the quality and safety of construction projects, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, carry out in-depth improvement of construction quality and special governance actions for construction safety, and focus on solving construction quality The imbalance and inadequacy of development in the field of safety, the implementation of corporate responsibility, strengthen the government's supervision of project quality and safety, improve the project quality and safety guarantee system, and improve the level of project quality and safety.

It is understood that our province will fully implement the quality life-long responsibility system and strengthen the primary responsibility of construction units. Developed and applied the "Anhui Province Digital Construction Drawing Review Cloud Platform", actively explored and promoted digital drawing review and online drawing review, and promoted the paperless "online joint drawing review" for construction projects other than confidential projects, and continuously improved construction Figure review efficiency and review quality. Strengthen the management and control of “critical projects”, urge enterprises to establish and improve the “critical projects” safety management system, comprehensively carry out “critical projects” safety hazards investigation and rectification, and special safety management action supervision, severely punish violations of laws and regulations, and effectively manage major Safety risks and prevent accidents. Strengthen the management of urban rail projects, convene a situation analysis meeting on rail transit projects, carry out comprehensive supervision of the quality and safety of urban rail transit projects, carry out emergency rescue drills for large-scale rail transit accidents, strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers, and improve the capacity of accident prevention and control.

Strictly implement construction dust prevention and control measures, and pay close attention to dust pollution control. Achieve the "six hundred percent" goal of closed enclosures at construction sites, stacking and covering of easy dust materials, hardening of ingress and egress vehicles, hardening of main roads and processing areas on site, demolition of wet construction operations, and closed transportation of debris vehicles; built-up areas in cities above county level It is forbidden to mix concrete in the open air (or unsealed) at the construction site, and strictly control the dust pollution of the demolition site at construction sites; video and dust monitoring equipment for construction projects above a certain size are to ensure that construction dust in the province is effectively controlled.

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