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Every child is an angel-"Sixty-one" condolences to the city's special education center
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On the occasion of the Children ’s Day, on the afternoon of May 28, the Chamber of Commerce of Chengjiang Street, Xuanzhou District, under the leadership of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce and the support of Chengjiang Street Office, our company and Xuancheng Fuxing Catering Culture Co., Ltd. 11 companies including Xuancheng Group, Anhui Xuanjiu Group Marketing Corporation, Anhui Yuhua Textile Co., Ltd., Xuancheng Zhoubo Advertising Company, Xuancheng Sunshine Middle School, Xuancheng Red, Yellow and Blue Parent-Children Park entered Xuancheng Special Education Center to carry out " "Sixty-one" dedication activities.    

President Chen of the Special Education Center led the Chamber of Commerce to visit the campus. Everyone was frequently moved by the hard work of the teachers and the spirit of the children. They also praised the standardized teaching facilities and the clean and healthy campus environment. !!

At the end of the event, Chairman Lu of the Federation of Industry and Commerce appealed to the majority of enterprises: In order to allow children with hearing and intellectual disabilities to continue to grow in the warmth and care of the society and smoothly integrate into the society, I hope more and more corporate caring people can join in Helping hands, approaching their lives and ringing their world.

Children's work

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