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Mayor Zhang Dongyun, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Party Committee, and Deputy Mayor Wang Qianshen and his party visited our company's "Xilin Mingdu C District" project to inspect and investigate
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On the afternoon of November 19, Mayor Zhang Dongyun and his party came to our company's "Xilin Mingdu C District" project construction site to inspect and investigate the city's key project construction work. Wang Qianshen, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, accompanied by Wang Hua, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, and principals of relevant municipal departments.

Mayor Zhang Dongyun inspected and understood the project construction progress, planning layout, and migrant workers' security on the spot, and required that construction speed and construction speed be further accelerated, and strive to be completed and delivered to the people as soon as possible. Due to the historical situation of the project, Mayor Zhang and his team carefully understood the problems and difficulties existing in the project construction, and clarified the direction and path of the project construction. Progress, implement Mayor Zhang's instructions, let the owners go home as soon as possible.

Project Introduction

Project name: Xilin Mingdu C District 8 #, 11 #, 12 #, 13 # building and the remaining basement works;

Project address: Located on West Zhongshan Road, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province;

Project Status: This project is a planned project in 2007. Due to various reasons, it has been suspended for construction to date, and is now being continued by our company. The total construction area is 52728 square meters. Two multi-storey, two high-rise buildings. The planned completion date is the end of 2019.

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