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Our company organized a training meeting on production safety
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In order to implement the principle of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", strengthen the company's work safety management and enhance employees' awareness of work safety responsibility. In the afternoon of November 19, a special training on "Safety Production Management" was held in the company's conference room. The company's main leaders, safety officers and relevant department heads participated in the study together.

The training was hosted by the general manager of the company Liang Jiahong, and the speaker was Zhu Wenlian, the person in charge of the company's safety section. He started from three aspects: construction site safety management, analysis of safety accident case causes, and safety incident handling. Decomposition of safety responsibilities, precautions for work safety management, and corresponding measures were explained. Through a large number of photos, combined with recent study trips and daily inspections in recent years, the reasons for their occurrence and the lack of responsibility in the process of safety production management have been analyzed in detail. In-depth explanations and thought-provoking cases allow employees participating in the study to deeply understand the importance of safe production in daily work.

At the end of the training, Deputy General Manager Zheng Xiuping put forward requirements to all participants, asking everyone to take the initiative to learn and strengthen their own qualities. Effectively improve the awareness of safety responsibility, apply learning gains to work practices as soon as possible, further strengthen safety supervision, strictly implement the job safety responsibility system, effectively prevent and eliminate various types of safety accidents, and comprehensively promote the safety production management level of Xuancheng Third Construction Take it to a new level.

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