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Xuancheng Third Construction Party Branch Held a Thematic Organization and Living Meeting
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According to the educational arrangement of Chengjiang Party Working Committee's theme of “Don't forget your original heart and remember your mission”, the party branch of the group held a special organization and living meeting on December 10, “Do n’t forget your original heart and remember your mission”. Attending the meeting were Bao Huibin, the secretary of the Chengjiang Party Working Committee, Tong Xingping, a member of the Party Working Committee, Xu Yangqin, a party construction instructor, Liang Jiahong, the secretary of the Third Construction Branch, and all party members.

这次“不忘初心、牢记使命”专题组织生活会顺利完成了各项议程。 Through studies, seminars , and criticism and self-criticism, we have seriously grasped Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and firmly maintained the authority and centralized leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. The thematic organization and living meeting successfully completed each agenda. 为我们今后在工作中要全面贯彻落实党的十九大和党的十九届二中、三中、四中全会精神,全面贯彻落实党中央、省市区委、澄江街道党工委的各项决策部署,为 切实加强宣城三建支部建设,抓好各项工作。 The branch secretary Liang Jiahong pointed out that this meeting is for us to fully implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Party Congress and the 19th CPC Central Committee, the Provincial and Urban Party Committee, and Chengjiang. The various decision-making arrangements of the Party Committee of the Sub-district will do a good job in order to effectively strengthen the construction of the Xuancheng Third Construction Branch. 抓好整改落实、 及时改进工作。 We need to see the results of this organization and life, and we must also see the existing gaps. We must do a good job in rectifying and implementing the problems identified in the investigation and improving them in a timely manner.

Secretary Bao Huibin emphasized that the comrades of the party should continue to strengthen learning, pay attention to the combination of individual self-learning and collective learning, overcome personal time difficulties, and actively participate in centralized learning organized by branches to ensure that both learning and work are integrated and integrated. The other is to do a good job of rectification of problems, make rectification and implementation based on personal inspections, further clarify and identify problems, overcome problems, and implement rectification measures to bring the construction of the party's construction to a new level. Finally, I hope that the comrades of the party members will do their own work around the overall situation of the center. The development of the party construction is centered on economic construction, and the party construction promotes development, adding vitality to the economic development of Xuancheng and the district!

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