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宣城三建党支部召开“不忘初心、牢记使命”专题组织生活会 · Xuancheng Third Construction Party Branch held a special organization and life meeting of "Don't forget your original heart and remember your mission" 2019-12-10
我公司组织召开安全生产培训会 · Our company organized a training meeting on production safety 2019-11-20
宣城三建党支部“参观红色教育基地”主题党日活动 · Xuancheng Third Construction Party Branch "Visit Red Education Base" Theme Party Day 2019-10-25
热烈庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年 Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China 2019-09-29
宣城三建公司党员、职工与受灾群众风雨同舟 · Xuancheng Third Construction Company Party members, employees and the affected people went through the storm 2019-09-03
市住建委主任盛浩来我司西林名都C区项目调研并指导农民工工资工作 · Sheng Hao , director of the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee, came to our Xilin Mingdu District C project to investigate and guide the wage work of migrant workers 2019-01-18
市长张冬云、市委常委、常务副市长汪谦慎一行来我公司“西林名都C区”项目视察调研 · Mayor Zhang Dongyun, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Party Committee, and Deputy Mayor Wang Qianshen and his party visited our company's "Xilin Mingdu C District" project to inspect and investigate 2018-11-20
每个孩子都是天使-“六一”慰问市特殊教育中心 · Every child is an angel-"Six one" condolences to the city's special education center 2018-06-01
我公司两项目分别喜获宣城市“云岭杯(市优质工程奖)”和“优质结构工程奖” · Our two projects won the "Yunling Cup (City Quality Engineering Award)" and "Quality Structure Engineering Award" in Xuancheng respectively 2018-04-20
宣城三建集团再度荣获宣州区年度经济发展贡献奖 · Xuancheng Sanjian Group won the annual economic development contribution award of Xuanzhou District again 2018-04-20
我公司承办第45届世界技能大赛安徽省选拔赛 · Our company hosted the 45th World Skills Competition in Anhui Province 2018-03-08
春节慰问送关怀岁寒情深暖人心 · Chinese New Year condolences and warmth 2018-02-12
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